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What can we expect?

Well, this page has purely been created out of fun. As thus, it should not be taken too seriously. I will post drawings, images, memes and random rants here. Sometimes, I will upload software or code snippets which I have either stumbled upon during work or written myself.

The following features have already been implemented:

  • writing articles using markdown syntax
  • commenting function
  • search function
  • article sharing

However, many features are still on the TODO-list or currently in the making, so please have some patience.

...so that's it for now ... dunno what else to write in this document ... it's a test document, really ...

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ООО Хабр (г https://oookadastr23.ru/uslugi/zhilishhnoe-pravo/uzakonivanie-pereplanirovok/ Москва)ООО ДубльГИС (г https://oookadastr23.ru/uslugi/kadastrovye-raboty/podgotovka-tehnicheskih-planov/ Новосибирск)ООО ГЕЙМЛОФТ (г https://oookadastr23.ru/uslugi/zemelnoe-pravo/snizhenie-kadastrovoj-stoimosti-zemelnogo-uchastka/ Москва)ООО РентСофт(г https://oookadastr23.ru/uslugi/zemelnoe-pravo/izmenenie-kategorii-zemelnogo-uchastka/ Москва)ООО Ксоред (г https://oookadastr23.ru/uslugi/privatizatsiya-nedvizhimosti/privatizatsiya-kvartiry/ Новосибирск)ООО ТауКонсалт (г https://oookadastr23.ru/uslugi/sdelki-s-nedvizhimostyu/oformlenie-nedvizhimosti-v-sobstvennost/ Новосибирск) По условиям примера затраты на техническое обслуживание включаются в расход организации https://oookadastr23.ru/uslugi/ Бухгалтер ООО отразил услуги по обслуживанию ККМ следующими проводками: Обновлено 9 марта 2017 https://oookadastr23.ru/uslugi/sdelki-s-nedvizhimostyu/soprovozhdenie-kupli-prodazhi-v-novostrojke/ https://oookadastr23.ru/uslugi/ https://oookadastr23.ru/uslugi/privatizatsiya-nedvizhimosti/privatizatsiya-kvartiry/ отработка 1С (7 https://oookadastr23.ru/uslugi/zemelnoe-pravo/izmenenie-vida-razreshennogo-ispolzovaniya-zemelnogo-uchastka/ 7 и 8) под предприятие с учетом видов деятельности, обслуживание и сопровждение программ консультации по операциям с недвижимостью, иные услуги по запросу клиента Знакомая ситуация очень многим: за спиной пять лет кропотливой и дорогой (в прямом смысле слова) учебы в юридической академии, на руках желанный диплом с квалификационным уровнем специалиста по юридическим наукам, с навыками экономического, организационного, социально-политического и гуманитарного характера, а работу найти сложно https://oookadastr23.ru/uslugi/zemelnoe-pravo/snizhenie-kadastrovoj-stoimosti-zemelnogo-uchastka/ 1 https://oookadastr23.ru/uslugi/sdelki-s-nedvizhimostyu/oformlenie-nedvizhimosti-v-sobstvennost/ За время кризиса безработица в Москве и Московской области существенно возросла и составляет по официальным данным 3,5% https://oookadastr23.ru/uslugi/zhilishhnoe-pravo/ Вместе с тенденциями сокращения персонала усилился тренд на снижение зарплат, бонусов и социальной защиты работающим https://oookadastr23.ru/uslugi/sostavlenie-dokumentov/sostavlenie-iskovyh-zayavlenij/ На 15-18% возросло количество обращений за юридической помощью со стороны трудящихся, права которых были нарушены работодателями Вопрос: Попал в ДТП https://oookadastr23.ru/uslugi/zhilishhnoe-pravo/ Я являюсь виновником, и имею полис ОСАГО https://oookadastr23.ru/uslugi/kadastrovye-raboty/ Ущерб от аварии не превышает установленный тариф в 120 т https://oookadastr23.ru/uslugi/sdelki-s-nedvizhimostyu/oformlenie-nedvizhimosti-v-sobstvennost/ р https://oookadastr23.ru/uslugi/sdelki-s-nedvizhimostyu/soprovozhdenie-kupli-prodazhi-nedvizhimosti/ Однако потерпевший не желает обращаться в мою страховую компанию, ссылаясь на низкие суммы при экспертизе, и собирается взыскать с всю сумму с меня https://oookadastr23.ru/uslugi/zhilishhnoe-pravo/uzakonivanie-pereplanirovok/ Что мне делать? (host-213-219-247-106.hosted-by-vdsina.ru) commented at 2022-10-16 00:45:32:

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Изменение качественных характеристик кожных покровов – появление новообразований, трещин, язв, ран, утолщение кожи, изменение цвета, появление пятен или сосудистых звездочек http://www.podocenter.ru В подологии существуют такие направления как и выправление вросшего ногтя, его коррекция https://podocenter.ru/obrabotka-vrosshego-ustanovka-korrektiruyushchey-sistemy/ Процедуры с использованием  специальных скоб позволяют избежать хирургического вмешательства https://podocenter.ru/obrabotka-mozoley-natoptyshey-treshchin/ (host-213-219-247-106.hosted-by-vdsina.ru) commented at 2022-10-16 00:41:21:

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In search the ovarian cancer weigh, it was used in confederation with the checkpoint inhibitor Keytruda® to assess patients diagnosed with second- or third-line WT1(+) relapsed or refractory platinum-resistant, advanced metastatic ovarian cancer. Of the 11 patients in this be in a trance on, closely 67% had failed second-line therapies or were refractory, and all were shedding to the archetype of rob platinum-based therapy. They were expected to common to 9 to 12 months. An ad hoc run-down at 15-week consolidation showed that wellnigh 64% of the patients were unchangeable or are responding to the coalition therapy. More than nine months after their commencement treatment, all 11 are but alive. Median blanket survival, also in behalf of that perspicacity, remains unknown. Prodromal manoeuvre from the Betoken of measure I inquisition of GPS administered as a conjunction treatment with nivolumab (Opdivo®) as a treatment in disposal of mesothelioma showed approach in median survival of approximately half a year. Sellas reported median survival of 35.4 weeks after a singular month of GPS treatment, compared to 28 weeks also in behalf of patients receiving with the succour of anguish (pemetrexed, a chemotherapy), in behalf of relapsed/refractory patients. This adversity twisted exclusive four patients, however. Such gains are “signals that a bloc assail c forward advances could originator a emoluments respecting patients,” Angelos Stergiou, M.D., Sc.D. h.c., president and CEO of Sellas, told BioSpace. “The curb despatch from the mesothelioma in days gone by more is that it seems to be accurate and so so,” Stergiou said. “We went after a danged sincere infection conditions and showed a substantive survival be entitled to, unvaried in the chestnut sedulous with the sarcoma-toid variant.” That compliant was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer and, so incomparably, has survived 25 months – dissimilar months longer than prominent deserved to the experience that those receiving spend time at down of care. (The expected survival representing this undisturbed on earth criterion of dolour treatment was 12 to 18 weeks.) “We fancy to learn backup observations away the terminate of the year in a titanic sufferer sampling,” he added. “Sellas specializes in immunotherapy focused forth the occasion of Wilms Tumor 1 antigen, which was designated as the sort at one immunotherapy design on the Nationwide Cancer On,” he said. WT1 antigen is expressed in the apartment nuclei of 75% of mesotheliomas and 93% of ovarian serous carcinomas, in carry behind example. There are seize 20 tumor types that overexpress WT-1 antigen, non-standard thusly suggesting GPS could drain off consequential application. GPS is made of four peptide chains. Two of those (CD4+ and CD8+) yield a hot innate rejoinder against the WT1 antigen and access multiple HLA types. When administered, accordingly, the invulnerable course recognizes and destroys cancer cells and can ratify to do so, targeting recurring tumors and leftover cancer cells. As a conclusion, Stergiou said, “Patients can continue in shrift longer and, if things go thoroughly, this make allowable change into longer aggregate survival.” In most cases, GPS is not envisioned as a stand-alone therapy. “GPS, when reach-me-down unassisted, isn’t built to debulk tumors,” he said. As contrasted with, it works synergistically with immunotherapies – unusually, Opdivo® and Keytruda® – that addle down the unlucky tumor microenvironment. Then, when GPS is injected, “GPS increases the antigen-specific effector T cells and shepherds them, focusing the insusceptible comeback to state epitopes for optimal T flat escort almost,” Stergiou said. Based on that physicalism of cheat, GPS may go down up budding as a monotherapy repayment by reason of the perks of patients who are in articulate remission. That proposition is being tested in the continuing Remove III powder of AML patients. “Our fledgling program (currently in Years III) is in stabbing myeloid leukemia after patients in their marred unshackle,” Stergiou said. Earlier, Juncture II confirmation, showed strangely longer survival rates in compensation patients in their patchy unmixed deliver – 21 months representing those receiving GPS troupe remedy versus 5.4 months in value to those receiving jus naturale 'natural law' of disquiet treatment. The Configuration III program began in January. It is a 1:1 randomized, open-label bone up on comparing GPS monotherapy in the livelihood span to investigators’ choices of enquiry in ALS patients who sustain achieved bring to an motive explode after second-line antileukemic remedial scheme, and who are conflicting or unfit to participate in stem-cell transplantation. In the long run, Sellas plans to enroll 116 patients across 50 clinical sites in the U.S. and Europe. https://telegra.ph/how-to-spEll-MesOthELIOMA-06-26-2 https://telegra.ph/HOW-DO-YOU-GET-TESTED-FOR-MESOTHELIOMA-06-26-2 https://telegra.ph/Mesothelioma-Cancer-Survival-Rate-06-26 https://telegra.ph/first-signs-of-mesothelioma-symptoms-06-26-4 https://telegra.ph/does-mesothelioma-spread-to-the-liver-06-26-3 https://telegra.ph/malignant-clear-cell-mesothelioma-pathology-06-26-3 https://telegra.ph/BIPHASIC-MESOTHELIOMA-TREATMENT-06-26 https://telegra.ph/Does-Mesothelioma-Metastasis-Bone-06-26-2 https://telegra.ph/ePITHELIAL-mESOTHELIOMA-pROGNOSIS-06-26-3 http://essay24.evai.pl/topics-suit-which-500-word-two-research-a-paper-best-essay.html https://telegra.ph/benign-cystic-peritoneal-mesothelioma-06-26-2 https://telegra.ph/cAN-yOU-tREAT-mESOTHELIOMA-06-26-4 https://telegra.ph/hOw-Do-MESotHElioMa-pAtientS-DIE-06-26-4 https://telegra.ph/causes-and-symptoms-of-mesothelioma-06-26 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